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How do Student Referrals work?

By Find My Zen Support
January 26, 2021

What are Find My Zen referrals?

For every 4 friends who sign up for their first class using your unique referral URL, you will receive $15 in Karm Cash redeemable for future classes.

Why is Find My Zen doing this?

We want to reward our community for helping us spread the word about Find My Zen. Sometimes all it takes is a few emails, tweets or posts on Facebook to make a big difference.

Where do I find my unique referral link?

You can find your unique referral URL by visiting your user profile while signed in. It should be located in the left sidebar below your profile photo, under the title "Share with your Friends." You can also find it at, so long as you're logged into your account.

Note that links are case-sensitive, so be sure to copy them verbatim.

I just signed up for a class and saw a different link on the thank you confirmation page. What's the deal?

We encourage exploring wellness on Find My Zen to be a social experience, and besides earning free classes, we believe inviting friends to take offerings with you is a win for everyone. When you sign up for a class, we give you a very unique URL that will take your friends right to the class you just signed up for (the general link discussed earlier just takes them to the Find My Zen homepage).

Any student referral URL we give you will count towards your total referrals and rewards.

Where should I share my link?

You can post your link to social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin) or simply send it to your network via email. Make sure to copy your entire link, otherwise, you won't receive credit!

Who can I refer?

Anyone who has not yet signed up for a Find My Zen account is eligible.

What's in it for my friends?

Not only do you earn points towards free Find My Zen Bucks, but your friends will get $5 off their first class as well when they access Find My Zen through your referral link. Note that any guests they register with will be full price.

Do guests count as referrals?

Guests do count as referrals, so long as we are provided an email address for the guest, and the guest has not taken any classes before. As with above, the purchaser must be a new Dabble student for any referral points to be awarded.

How does the referral system work?

When someone clicks on your referral link, it places a small cookie of information on their browser which lets our system know that they were referred by you. When they complete the purchase of your offering, our system will make a note and provide you with $15 in Karma Cash redeemable on your next purchase every time you reach a multiple of four referrals.

How do I know how many people signed up using my referral link?

We'll send you an email whenever your friends sign up on your behalf. This email will contain information about rewards given as a result if applicable.

You can also visit your user profile and select "referrals" to view your referral count and reward status. You can see more specifics about your Find My Zen Bucks under the "account" tab.

How do I redeem Karma Cash?

After you click "register" on a class you'd like to take, you have the option to redeem Karma Cash for your purchase by clicking "Apply to Purchase" on the left side of the screen. After clicking "Apply to Purchase," you'll be able to see the updated price before paying.

Do student referrals Karma Cash expire?

Sadly, yes, but not for a while. Karma Cash awarded through our student referral program is good for six months after the date issued.

I'm also a facilitator. Can I use this along with my facilitator referrals?

Due to technical limitations, only one referral link can be used at a time by a user, and so only one promotion can be rewarded at any given time. Referrals (student or teacher) will be awarded based on the last referral link a user used to access Find My Zen.

Note: This referral offer is for a limited time only. Find My Zen reserves the right to modify or terminate our referral program at any time.

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