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How do I sign up for a Find My Zen experience?

By Find My Zen Support
January 26, 2021

Visit our homepage to see a list of upcoming events in your city. After finding an experience you like, select date you'd like to attend and the number of tickets and then click "register" to add your contact info and guests then pay for the event via credit card, gift card or existing Find My Zen credit. (We use Braintree to ensure that all of your credit card information is safe.)

If you are not already a member of the Find My Zen community, you'll be asked to create a free account before signing up for your first experience. This is required for keeping attendees updated, tracking registrations and for processing refunds and reviews. If you don't sign up through Find My Zen, you don't receive the benefit of Find My Zen's insurance policy and our money-back guarantee for sub-optimal experiences.

If you want more information about Braintree, click here.

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