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How does the event review process work?

By Find My Zen Support
January 26, 2021

Find My Zen sends review surveys to students following events and we even offer them $5 in Karma Cash should they draft a review with at least 100 characters. Students are asked to provide both public and private feedback. Public feedback will be featured on your event page, and private feedback will only be shared with you.

Our intent is to make sure that there is open communication between teachers and students, and a teacher can continue to hone his/her event listing. We display all of a teacher's public review comments on every course page they teach.

Teachers are given the opportunity to respond to any neutral or negative reviews and if a review is completely unrelated to the course or teacher (got lost, tried to cancel in conflict with policy, or just didn't show up...) we will remove it at our sole discretion. We aren't Yelp and we don't allow users that didn't attend your event to ruin your reputation and good rating.

Positive review percentages are calculated by awarding 5 points for positive reviews, 3 points for neutral reviews, and 1 point for negative reviews. We sum the points from all possible reviews and take the average of the points. Note that we only display reviews with public comments on an event page, but reviews without comments also factor into the positive percent calculation.

The facilitator payment is held for 24 hours to allow users time to review or bring any issues to our attention. At this time, if your students send us negative reviews, we will place the event under internal review.

If we deem it necessary to refund the event for due cause (at our sole discretion), we will refund the students and withhold teacher payment for the event. In case this scares you, we should note that this has occurred in less than 0.03% of events thus far. At times, we may opt to refund the user and still pay you if the fault was in any way tied to a Find My Zen error.

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