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What are the best times to list an event on Find My Zen?

By Find My Zen Support
January 26, 2021

You’re free to list an event anytime you’d like. However, we suggest listing events on weekday evenings after 6 pm or on weekend days after 10 AM. This ensures that more people will be able to partake in your experience. (Note: if you're in need of a venue, it is more difficult to secure venues on Friday and Saturday nights.)

Sometimes teachers find it useful to list a few dates / times at once, to see what sells the best. Consider your event content and when people may be most willing to engage with it. Are you teaching a class on accounting? It’s likely it’ll be difficult to sell on a Fright night. But BYOB Dancing for Couples? Go ahead and try a Friday night!

The chart below breaks out the times of our all completed schedules since 2011. The first row is the morning from 9 to 12 PM; the middle row is 12 to 4 PM; and the bottom row ranges from 5 to 9 PM.


According to our research, here are the best days to host your event by category:

Business & Career - Monday PM, Tuesday PM, Wednesday PM, Weekdays AM
Education - Saturdays AM/PM, Sunday AM, Tuesday PM, Wednesday PM
Fitness & Wellness - Weekday AM, Saturdays & Sunday AM
Arts & DIY - Weekday PM, Saturdays & Sundays AM/PM
Food & Drink - Weekday PM, Saturdays AM/PM
Health & Beauty - Tuesday PM, Wednesday PM, Thursday PM, Saturday AM
Kids/Family - Weekday AM, Saturday & Sunday AM,

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