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How do I find a venue?

By Find My Zen Support
January 26, 2021

So you’re interested in listing an event on Find My Zen...maybe you’ve already submitted your experience through Find My Zen. But what if you don’t have a space in which to host it? Luckily, there are a lot of reasons why local businesses would want to host your event. It’s an opportunity for them to bring in some extra people and gain exposure, perhaps ring the register a bit more when your experience is held.

When you’re considering where to host your event, think about places you frequent often; existing relationships with business owners and employees can go a long way. Also, use the factors below to help you decide which venue is best for your class.

Here are a few ideas for where to start your venue hunt for hosting an amazing experience:

Coffee Shops & Cafes • Book Stores • Retail Boutiques • Restaurants, Breweries & Bars • Outdoor Space (i.e., parks) • Office / Shared Work Spaces • Art Studios • Commercial Kitchens • Community Centers • Hotels • Schools & Universities • Ask Find My Zen for support!

Figure out which factors are most important when you’re making a decision; know what you’re willing to negotiate and which are deal-breakers. And make sure to discuss and come to an agreement with these details with your venue.

Noise Level: Is background noise ok, or will it disturb you and your event presentation too much?

Capacity: What is the ideal size of your event? Can it not happen without 20+ people? If so, you know not to seek out tiny venues.

Amenities & Equipment: Does your event require Wi-Fi? Do you need a projector? A stove and lots of countertop space? Some events will automatically not work in a majority of venue spaces because of amenity needs.

Set-up: Do you need everyone to have a workspace, or will a bunch of chairs informally set up work? Think about the space and what it’s conducive for.

Atmosphere: What sort of mood is ideal for your Find My Zen experience? Consider your content and people joining your event, and what atmosphere will best evoke the mood you’re trying to create.

Location: Is the space difficult for city dwellers to access? Is it near public transportation? You’ll attract more people if your venue is in a relatively central location.

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